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Ciutadella Park


Aerial View

  b marks the position of the flat.

Best Places

View of the building from the lake

Summer house


Ciutadella Park facing the apartment is the perfect place to relax and jog and it houses the Barcelona Zoo.

It has a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere and pleasant attributes such as the spectacular waterfall, the pond, gardens and abundance of trees will give you the feeling of being far from the city. You can sip a beer, and the kids can have an ice cream at the no-frills cafe opposite. Stroll over to the lake and rent a rowboat. A leisurely, purposeless float around the small lake is a great restorative after a hard day.

A Little History


Ciutadella Park, literally translated in English, means ‘Park of the Citadel’. Indeed this park replaced the Citadel which had previously dominated the city of Barcelona.
A symbol of military repression and violence, the citadel was demolished during the revolution of 1868, and upon the occasion of the World Fair in 1888 the people appealed to the best architects in the city to build the park which we have come to know today.